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Selasa, 08 September 2009

Galih Gumelar Helath & Therapy - The body has a very good mechanism to notify us if there is an abnormality. It is important to know the symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus at an early stage because the earlier the treatment is going to get better results and the less likely the occurrence of complications. Here are some signs - signs / symptoms of diabetes - diabetes we should be cautious.

* Unusual tiredness
The patient will feel weak even though his body was not doing any activities that are not too heavy. So, if you always feel tired and sleepy even before you do not stay up, it helps you see a doctor immediately.
* Losing weight drastically.
If you eat too much food your body will become fat. Excess fat in the body will cause the body to insulin resistance increases. In people who have diabetes, although he ate his food in excess is not to be fat and even take care of it because the muscles are not getting enough energy to grow.
* Disturbance of vision.
High sugar levels in the blood will draw out the liquid in the cell, this will cause the cells become wrinkled. This situation also occurs in the eye lens, so the lens becomes damaged and the patient will experience vision problems. This vision problems would improve if diabetes mellitus successfully handled properly. If not handled, these vision problems can worsen and cause blindness.
* Often when wounds become infected and very difficult to heal.
This situation can occur because the bacteria thrive because of high levels of sugar in the blood. In addition, mushrooms are also really enjoyed growing up in high blood levels glukosanya.

Thus some of the main symptoms that you notice on diabetes - diabetes. Signs - another sign that can be observed among others:

* Frequent urination. Usually waking at night to urinate.
* Itching - itching excessive. This itching usually occurs in About a genitals.
* Easy to hungry and thirsty beyond the habit
* Often good tingling in the feet or other parts
* Lust sex decreases (Melepasmu ...)
* Easy sleepy. This is basically a part of the fatigue.
* For pregnant women may be indicated with the baby weight more than 4 kg.

If you have diabetes and your offspring showed symptoms - even mild symptoms. Immediately take action to do a lot of exercise and consume alternative herbal medicine that has no side effects.

Pengobatan Ustadz Galih Gumelar - Sebagai penyakit serebrovaskuler (pembuluh darah otak), stroke ditandai dengan kematian jaringan otak (infark serebr

Galih Gumelar Health& Therapi - As serebrovaskuler disease (blood vessels of the brain), stroke is marked by the death of brain tissue (cerebral infarction) occur because of reduced blood flow and oxygen to the brain with various risk factors.

Have two types of stroke; ischemic stroke, blood flow to the brain stops because atherosclerosis (cholesterol buildup in blood vessel walls) or a blood clot that has clogged the blood vessels to the brain. In hemorragik stroke, broken blood vessels that block normal blood flow and blood seeped into an area in the brain and damage it.

Because a stroke can be about any part of the brain, the symptoms were diverse, ranging from mild to severe and even some who until death.

Mild form of stroke known as brain attack first glance (Transient ischemic Attack / TIA). Symptoms sometimes just a sense of weakness on one side of the face, or perhaps a sense of tingling in the arms or legs. Some are complaining about noise from the function of speech.

Mild stroke symptoms will usually return to normal in a quick time, less than an hour. Symptoms of a more severe stroke will generally lead to a more typical symptoms, like paralysis.

In general, symptoms of stroke include:
1. Weakness or paralysis of limbs that are supplied
2. Difficulty swallowing
3. Difficulty speaking
4. Disturbance hold urine
5. Loss of consciousness
6. Headache

Some conditions are at risk for stroke

1. Several different factors increase the risk of stroke, including: high blood pressure (hypertension) which are not controlled. This damage artery walls.
2. Diet. High dietary salt content is associated with high blood pressure, while the diet of many fatty and sweet foods is associated with coarsening the surface and narrowing the arteries.
3. Onset diabetes (Diabetes). Those who have diabetes menghidap more likely to experience high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, and by the greater risk of experiencing a stroke.
4. Atrial fibrillation. Type degupan irregular heart was raising the risk of blood clot formation in the heart, which then may be left behind and taken the blood flow to the brain.
5. Smoking. This has a negative effect on the arteries and causes blood pressure higher.
6. Alcohol drinking, drinking habits, alcohol will boost blood pressure and may cause blood vessels in the brain burst.

Red Onion and Adventurous Fiber Foods - To Lower Blood Sugar levels

Galih Gumelar Health & Therapi - DIABETES mellitus (DM) is often called the laity "diabetes", is a disorder that has the characteristics of high blood sugar levels. With diabetes means "flowed on" because the sufferer is always drinking and in large quantities, then keep the form of urine flow urine alias. While mellitus means "sweet", because urine contains glucose, aka sufferer's blood sugar that taste sweet.

IN essence, Council of Ministers due to the hormone insulin that people with inadequate or ineffective, so can not work normally. In fact, the normal person, insulin has a major role regulate blood sugar levels; approximately 60-120 mg / dl in the fasting state, and below 140 mg / dl at two hours after eating.

There are two categories of the most common DM, ie diabetes type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Diabetes type 1, DM diidap by 5-10 percent of patients, usually occurs in children or young adults. While type 2 diabetes, DM diidap by 90-95 per cent of all people with diabetes, increase in number, especially in minority populations.

Diabetes is found in all populations and age groups, but the increase in the number of patients in the elderly group (elderly) and people were black, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian people.

The Congressionally-Established Diabetes Research Working Group (1999) reported that although deaths due to diseases of cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease tend to decrease since 1988, mortality due to diabetes increased by about 30 percent. The average life expectancy of people with diabetes on average 15 years shorter than those who did not suffer.

In Indonesia, especially in the urban community, diabetes, a disease classified as prominent today.

Waspadji research in 1982 found that 1.7 percent of patients have diabetes in Jakarta, and in 1992 climbed to 5.7 percent. Epidemiological studies in Depok in 2001, cooperation Perkeni (Association endocrinologist Indonesia) and the Ministry of Health, the number of people with diabetes have 6.2 percent. (Kompas, 5 November 2001). Most diabetes cases found in Indonesia in Manado which reached 6.1 percent. (Kompas, May 29, 2002).

Based on 1998 WHO records, the number of diabetics in Indonesia ranked the 6th largest in the world after India, China, Russia, Japan, and Brazil. The number of diabetics in Indonesia is expected to increase to 12 million people in the year 2025. The increase of 250 percent of 5 million people in 1995 took place with increasing elderly population and changing life styles, ranging from the types of food consumed to reduced physical activity.

Over the centuries, more than 400 plants successfully identified as a "drug" diabetes. In Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, raw onion has long become a favorite choice of food to control blood sugar. In Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Santo Domingo, pariah been widely used as a "medicine" for traditional diabetes.

Recent studies show that consumption of foods high in fiber, particularly soluble fiber, may improve control of blood sugar in type 2 diabetes. The study was conducted by Dr. Manisha Chandalia and colleagues from Medicine Section and the Center for Human Nutrition, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, United States.

Efficacy of tolbutamide in the red onion

Shallots have long occupied an honored place in medicine as "medicine" of diabetes. Modern research shows, red onions have a "power" lowering blood sugar, and power have on levels found in food.

Indian researchers who make gifts of red onion, both in the form of onion juice and "round" alias is still intact, for 25-200 grams of the subjects studied, found that more and more onion given, the greater the blood sugar decreases. There was no difference between raw red onion and red onion that has been boiled.

According to the theory of the research team, red onion affect sugar metabolism in the liver, or the release of insulin metabolism, and / or prevent the destruction of insulin. "Agent" who may have the ability of hypoglycemia, lower blood sugar levels, it is active allyl propyl disulfide and allicin. Experimental and clinical evidence suggests that allyl propyl disulfide lower blood sugar by increasing the "lifetime" (lifespan) of insulin.

In fact, already since the year 1923 scientists detect the presence of depressor blood sugar in the onion, and in the 1960s, researchers managed to isolate compounds of onion antidiabetes which works similarly to the general antidiabetes pharmaceutical drugs, known as tolbutamide, which is often used to reduces blood sugar levels. How it works is that tolbutamide stimulates insulin synthesis and expenses. In guinea pigs, onion extract showed, 77 percent as effective as standard dose of tolbutamide.

Other research results show, red onion have the effect of lowering blood sugar and fat. Therefore, it is recommended to add the red onion into every meal. Shallots can be used after a meal in the amount of free.

Soluble fiber in natural foods

High levels of blood sugar is a major problem in diabetes. Research shows that the fiber has a strong effect on blood sugar control.

In the study conducted Chandalia et al, 13 with type 2 diabetes were asked to follow two diets, each for six weeks. The first diet is a diet that contains moderate amounts of fiber (total fiber, 24 g; 8 g fiber, 16 g of soluble and insoluble fiber), as recommended American Diabetes Association. Meanwhile, the second diet is high fiber diet (50 g total fiber, each 25 g fiber, soluble and insoluble fiber) containing the full composition of natural food fiber.

Both diets, prepared in the kitchen of research, containing macro nutrients and energy are the same (see Table). Chandalia et al then compared the effects of these two diets to control blood sugar and blood fat levels.

The result? Patient-diabetics who consume 50 g total fiber per day, equal to 7 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables, high fiber diet aliases have blood sugar levels lower and more stable than-diabetic patients who consumed moderate fiber diet. High-fiber diet also lowered blood total cholesterol level of about 7 percent.

How precise mechanisms high-fiber diet can improve blood sugar control, is not clear. However, it is thought to be caused by a type of soluble fiber gum and pectin that can slow gastric emptying, and even slow down or reduce the absorption of blood sugar.

Chandalia et al study also showed that the intake (intake) high soluble fiber may be achieved by eating natural foods which are full of fiber. High-fiber diet and little side effects were well received by the patient. Therefore, to increase consumption of fiber, the people with diabetes are encouraged to eat natural foods full of fiber compared with fiber preparations or supplements.

Laden foods fiber used for high-fiber diet in the study Chandalia and friends is a dish of fruit cocktail, fresh oranges, fresh pineapple, fresh papaya, peaches (peaches) fresh cherries, fresh tomatoes, corn, zucchini, green beans, whole-wheat bread, and oatmeal (oatmeal and oat bran). Fruit, especially citrus and pineapple, green beans, and oatmeal is a source of soluble fiber is good.